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About ‘Keith Jewell in Schools’

Our aim is to provide regular opportunities for schoolchildren in the BH area to hear and be captivated by stories from the Bible, presented to them creatively and enthusiastically by someone with a living faith.

This will be done through telling engaging stories in assemblies and, as opportunity allows, following this up with interactive lessons.

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A thrilling calling!

Over the past 25 years, wherever I have been working and whatever I have been doing, I have often found myself in schools. Nothing has thrilled me as much as standing in front of hundreds of schoolchildren telling them (and the staff!) a story from the Bible. Seeing their eyes fixed on the front and their minds engaged with these wonderful stories, I had often thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great to be doing this every day!

Over the summer of 2017 we prayed, talked, planned and I also met with some key individuals whose friendship and wisdom I greatly value. Their encouragement and support for me to pursue full-time schools ministry was unanimous. Come September I decided to test the response in local schools. It was now more than four years since I had last visited them so it would be interesting to see what sort of response I would get!

Well, the first five schools I contacted all invited me back, which was really encouraging. The next challenge would be how to finance this new role for me. Again our reading, thinking and praying encouraged us to trust God for this.

A couple of remarkable examples of generosity in the early days after I had left my job prompted us to believe that He would continue to provide for us as we stepped out in faith in reliance on Him. Following some really encouraging meetings with the PACE Trust (who have been involved in Schools work in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch for nearly 25 years) they agreed to oversee my role and also administer the financial side of things as I sought to raise my own personal support.

At the beginning of December 2017, the leaders at Lansdowne Church gave me the opportunity to launch the fundraising phase in their services one Sunday. The initial response from folk to the idea of me being involved in this work was so encouraging, with many folk saying that they felt it was my calling. This was followed by some wonderful expressions of generosity and kindness.

The necessary funding came in for an initial six month contract up to the end of August 2018. The cost for this initial period was fully covered enabling me to start work with PACE on 20 February 2018.

But what about the future? As things stand, we are well on the way towards making the job full-time and permanent long term. God is so good, and His people have been so generous. If this ministry is something you’d like to support, you can find ways to get involved on the Support page.

Just as importantly, I am sending out prayer updates every month, to people who have asked to receive them in order to keep in touch with the work and also to pray for it. You can find out more about these prayer updates here.

The path ahead

So it’s taken a year to get this up and running? No, not really… I thank God for the friendships built over the past 30 years with people who are now helping to make this happen. And also for 25 years of visiting schools to tell stories from the Bible because the next generation needs to hear them.

This new ministry in the schools has started really positively. I am currently visiting 34 schools, mainly to take assemblies but also some lessons too. I have capacity to increase this significantly in the months and years to come. The next challenge is to persuade even more Headteachers and R.E. coordinators that I will engage their pupils, and be a valuable resource to their school!

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